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Abu Dhabi to Relish the Richness of Saffron

March 05 2017

Filli Café – a truly authentic treat for tea lovers and Zen seekers

A delightful treat for connoisseurs of great taste has arrived in Abu Dhabi. Residents and visitors can now relish the finest teas on the planet in the stunning and relaxing environment of Filli Café – a bespoke creation that provides a peaceful and unique experience to energize the body and mind.

Abu Dhabi is a city accustomed to an elite standard derived from its prosperous economy, the tranquillity and beauty of cornice and long stretches of Arabian Gulf, and its refined residents. The innovation, commerce, and culture for which the city is globally renowned continue to grow steadily. And it is this level of sophistication combined with multicultural influences that create a truly unique atmosphere that demands newness and progress in every area.

Filli Café, famed for its delicious blends of the finest hot beverages from all over the world, is delighted to make its grand entrance into the stunning capital of the Emirates. To celebrate this grand opening, it is proud to introduce its latest offering- a unique and delicious Filli tea with the essence of the Saffron flower. The captivating essence of this exotic treasure provides a serene experience of utter tranquillity. Filli Café will launch today at 4 PM in its new Airport Road premises.

With over 25 outlets across Dubai and Ajman, the tranquil atmosphere, attractive interiors, luxurious seating, energetic light, and unique blends of colors and flavors make the Filli experience pleasurable and memorable. Filli Cafe is designed to appeal to a new generation of UAE residents that value a more customized experience, something that Mr. Rafih FiLLi and his team are perfecting.

Café culture has become an even more integral part of city life. Visiting calm and welcoming venues for some much need rest and recuperation in an increasingly busy and stressful world is something that everyone can appreciate and benefit from. The ancient art of authentic tea-making, the sensational aromas produced, and the refreshment provided revitalizes both body and mind.

Filli Café is rapidly growing with outlets opening across the UAE, Qatar, and Mumbai. Just like the exquisite Saffron tea Abu Dhabi residents can now relish, this astounding expansion can be directly attributed to the unique experiences Filli Café offers its guests.

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