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FiLLi celebrates UAE’s 44th National Day with UNITEA Cup

December 06 2015

FiLLi Café, a name tea lovers in the UAE have come to trust and adore, has announced its all new UNITEA cup, a cup to serve tea, as a special addition in honor of the UAE’s 44th National Day. With this initiative, FiLLi Tea is also hosting the One Nation One Taste contest, which involves selfies on social media.

The special cup to serve their tea for the 44th National Day of the United Arab Emirates is called Unitea, a spin off on the concept of Unity. In a bid to bring people together amidst varying elements of diversity and celebrating unity through it all.

The brand, a vision of the company founder and CEO Mr. Rafih FiLLi to give tea its place of pride in the coffee dominated beverage industry, has made its presence felt in the UAE market since 2004. Over the years,FiLLi Café has not only offered tea lovers in the region best quality offerings but also created an inviting ambience for them to feel at home. Today, it sells 30,000 cups of tea per day, and has grown to 17 outlets in the UAE with four more set to open in the near future.

Speaking about the new campaign, Mr. Rafih FiLLi, CEO, FiLLi Cafe said,

“The culture of UAE isn’t restricted to any religion or nationality and that is one of main reasons why people seek to be one and should celebrate oneness. The UAE has been one nation since 1971. The spirit of Oneness in culture has been living in the minds of the people for long and now, FiLLi wishes to be that One Taste which can stand for the UAE. We invite you to be a part of our Sip a Selfie Contest and also share your views with us on the One Nation, One Taste contest!”

FiLLi cafe is also running a “Sip a Selfie” Contest, called the “One Nation One Taste”, where one can click a selfie with the UNITEA Cup, and upload it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag “#OneNationOneTaste”. Winning entries can land up to AED 1000 worth of FiLLi Vouchers!

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