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Strike a chill with our newly introduced Iced Chai and our fiery Bun Kebabs.⠀

September 28 2020

Finally, the wait is over. The mouth-watering trio is now available to fire your taste buds. Today, We have launched our new Bun Kebabs in selected FiLLi Stores in UAE.⠀
Hara Bhara Bun kebab⠀
Chicken Chapli Bun Kebab⠀
Mutton Reshmi Bun Kebab⠀
Served with Crunchy Potato Poppers

Here follows the next surprise. Strike a Chill with our newly introduced Iced Chai which Comes in 3 chilling flavours.⠀

————————————– ⠀
Iced Chai ⠀
Iced Zafaran Chai ⠀
Iced Masala Chai ⠀

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