Mr Rafih FiLLi is a fun loving person and enjoyed being in the company of his friends. The history of the name FiLLi traces back to his school days, where his friends gave Mr Rafih the title FiLLi. Little did anyone know that this name given for the sake of fun would one day lead to the establishment of FiLLi. The signature FiLLi Zafran Tea is a result of his own determination to introduce a specialty tea that people would love.

After being a hit amongst UAE’s tea lovers,
Mr FiLLi aims to take this taste global

Our vision is to be the largest and most admired tea brand in the World by uniting peoples love for tea.

Our vision motivates each member of the FiLLi family to reach a level where FiLLi would be known for its proficiency in Tea and will be a Second home not just for people in UAE, but for tea lovers all round the world.

Our mission is to provide an experience that entices the customers and bond them with the aroma that every flavour of our tea unleashes.

The Mission statement of FiLLi guides the team towards serving the customers with an experience and connects them with quality flavours that is on offer.

Success Story

Our menu and the team’s absolute commitment to serve the highest quality of items in all FiLLi stores has led to our success. We work closely with all suppliers to ensure consistent quality, taste and most importantly, the freshness of all our products. We ride on our quality and there are no compromises on it.

Complementing the range and completing the high quality selection of products on offer, is FiLLi own unique blend of quality Tea. FiLLi products have no artificial colours, preservatives or MSG. It is simply fresh, delicious food.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring the great taste and experience of FiLLi to everyone!

So, when people think about tea they think of FiLLi and vice-versa. We wouldn’t just stop at tea lovers, but reach out to coffee lovers as well, and make them feel the essence of the FiLLi brand.

We envision FiLLi’s big future of having 100 outlets across the UAE!

Every outlet will be fashioned to provide cosy, friendly and relaxing experience to everyone. Our outlets will be strategically placed to ensure maximum visibility and cater to everyone who wants to experience our brand in its full splendour. We will identify ideal spots for our brand, and make sure they are easily accessible for all tea lovers.