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Feb 01


Rafih FiLLi’s delivers his success mantra at the special edition of TEDx Talks

Leaves youth spellbound and charged

” Major emphasis on risk taking ability and confidence in product
” Encourages youngsters to maintain quality of empathy along with technical know-how to run successful business ventures of the future
UAE January 31, 2018: Making a mark yet again, brewing the best saffron tipped tea in UAE, Rafih FiLLi delivered an inspiring and motivating talk at the sort after Tedx Talk (an offbeat BITS Pilani Dubai edition) recently.

Speaking about his humble beginnings, he outlined the importance of emotive qualities along with technical knowledge for running successful entrepreneurial businesses. He said that ‘risk taking and confidence in what you want to sell’ should be on a young entrepreneur’s importance in going all out to make a business idea work.
FiLLi also emphasized that while target profit margins, one must avoid looking at manpower as a means to an end.

‘Relationship building is far more important than spending money on fancy promotional techniques. Nothing wins better business than a genuinely happy staff and a satisfied customer,” suggests the man behind the signature concoction which is now being sold through 29 outlets called ‘FiLLi Tea n Talk’ spread across the Emirates, enjoying a significant presence.
Giving away encouragement to youth over creating successful business ventures, FiLLi closed by saying that, “In order to brew your cup of success every day, never shy away from being unique, do what you want to do and don’t be influenced by criticism or rejection. Have a personality, don’t copy others and believe in your own style and statement.”

Expansion with UAE
What the 39 years young expat did was that he unearthed a complete tea loving bracket of customers in the UAE. The brand had simply refined and repackaging the traditional tea; giving the pleasure of authenticity in a believed to be coffee dominated country.

The home-grown chain has seen steady growth since the intervention of the ministry on the capping of the initial concoction of saffron tea; which never happened. But that action resulted in creation of the FiLLi brand.

The home-grown chain aims to have at least 50 U.A.E. stores open by 2018. Currently there are as many as 40,000 cups a day sold on an average across all the outlets; going upto 50,000 a day during the weekends as well. The brand is keeping its pace of growth careful and steady, owing to the fact that it is harnessing a big gap in the market for teas.

Global Presence
With a current of about AED 50-60 million annually, the expansion plans aims to reach an annual turnover of about AED250-AED300 million by 2020. For this, FiLLi plans to invest about AED80 to AED100 million itself. FiLLi Café’s expansion would be largely managed by the equity earned from its current stores.
The brand is also focused on global expansion into U.K. and the U.S. and is already opening stores there. Further, the company is already working to meet its target of having 70 franchised outlets worldwide. They have already signed up with a 100 locations into six countries now and with franchises in Qatar, Saudi, Bahrain and Mumbai. The café brand is already registered in 44 countries and is not ruling out a franchisee expansion in times to come.

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Aug 14


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Aug 11


Filli Cafe plans to open 100 outlets in UAE by 2020; eyes global franchises

The brand sells 30,000 cups of tea per day and has grown to 15 outlets in the UAE, with four more set to open in the near future. Filli Cafe, a popular tea brand in the UAE, announced on Monday its international expansion plan, with an eye on markets in the GCC, North Africa, UK, USA, Canada, India and Pakistan.
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Aug 11

Filli Cafe announces its major International Expansion Plan

The brand, a vision of the company founder and CEO Mr. Rafih FiLLi to give tea its place of pride in the coffee dominated beverage industry, has made its presence felt in the UAE market since 2004. Over the years, Filli Cafe has not only offered tea lovers in the region best quality offerings but also created an inviting ambience for them to feel at home.
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