In the beverage industry, tea wasn’t given as much importance as coffee was. Cafes were only meant for coffee and the concept of conversing over a cup of tea didn’t exist in the UAE. This was the biggest challenge in the journey of FiLLi and Mr. Rafih FiLLi accepted it. He created a homely ambience at FiLLi that made visitors feel at home. The signature FiLLi Zafran Tea was appreciated by people as they could chat for hours while immersing themselves in the joy of a warm, soothing cup of tea.

Thus began the journey of FiLLi, where visitors could ‘Tea n Talk’ and gradually made FiLLi their second home in the UAE.

Zafran tea

Our own signature blend of FiLLi Zafran Tea has united many Tea Lovers to have long talks. Zafran is beneficial to health and when added to your beverage, it's a combination that one can never get enough of.

FiLLi Zafran Tea has been a all time favorite of people from all age-groups, be it teens, working professionals or senior citizens. All of them make time to enjoy their cup of tea over long talks.

Food at filli

Every item prepared at FiLLi has its own signature recipe and is crisp, fresh and prepared by experts. We rely only on fresh produce to prepare every dish on our menu as to ensure that it meets our quality standards. FiLLi is all about providing an experience and we believe the gateway for that experience begins from your taste, if you’re satisfied, then we have accomplished our first step to entice you with FiLLi experience.

We boast about our freshness and the range made fresh at the outlet include sandwich, burgers and wraps justify it. Every dish prepared at FiLLi outlet contains no artificial colors, preservatives or MSG. Beware:They do contain a lot of our love.


Experience at FiLLi is always fun, cool and relaxing, because we believe in making your day! Once in, FiLLi offers you the chance to use the space as it suits your mood the best, whether it’s a break from work or time with your friends.

A sublime interior, gently graced with mahogany decor accentuates a cool experience, At FiLLi we have dedicated every inch of space to create an environment of comfort and relaxation. It's apparent that we don't mind people stretching their legs or even folding them if they are inclined to do so. This is the type of bespoke flexibility that fully compliments our flavour rich cups of tea.

Here, you get a chance to experience a great tasting brew of your choice prepared by world-class specialists, all while enjoying every minute of that experience, the way you want! This is what visiting FiLLi is all about... a custom experience tailored to your mood.